Mobyface leather watch straps

Our leather watch bands are sourced from reliable Spanish leather manufacturers and compatible with all 22/24mm strap watches, as well as Apple Original Series 1-3, Series 4, the new Series 5 and Apple Watch Nike+.

Each of our leather watch straps is hand-made with premium materials and undergoes thorough manual quality control in order to bring you only the best end-product that is prepared and suitable for you to wear in your wrist every day, 24/7. Doesn’t matter the occasion, it’s always possible to express yourself!

Our straps

Our universal bands fit not only Apple Watch, but also any watch that uses a 22mm or 24mm sized strap. This means our straps are available through a broad range of products from the biggest players in the wearables’ industry - including Samsung Galaxy Watch, Fossil Sport, Fitbit, Xiaomi, etc. – and the fashion industry – Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Diesel, etc. – opening a world of possibilities!

We know you’re tired of wearing what everyone else wears and constantly seeing the same boring bands once and again. That’s why we’re now giving you a new way of expressing yourself. We’re giving you the option to wear your world.

At MobyFox, we have partnered with some of the world’s leading IP owners across entertainment, gaming, and sports to enable YOU to literally wear the magic of who & what you love every day through an innovative mix of fashion and technology.

Our watch faces

To complement our range of straps, we offer you the content you love so you can combine it as you want! Our free iOS App MobyFace contains the world’s largest library of exclusive watch faces for you to choose from, including your favorite official brands’ collections.

Download our MobyFace App from the App Store for free and put some style on your watch!

Our design

Each of our watch faces and bands are designed by an expert team of animators, graphic designers and masters of colors, who put all their effort and love to make each original design unique and special in itself. Enjoy!


In the side of production, we are glad to partner with the renowned Spanish leather craftsmanship “Atelier Ferrer” located in Barcelona.

In 1947, Ferrer founded a company dedicated to the handmade confection of straps that began in the family’s living room with an order of leather drawstrings to fix pocket watches to the buttonholes of jackets.

In 1960, Ferrer’s watch bands started being directly exported to the United States, while in Switzerland they had already been chosen to adorn prestigious watch brands distributed worldwide.

The product finish respects the tradition of the tack room of art: cut edges, cut tinged, big thread of sewing, fully realized in the hand.

Ferrer is fully compliant with CITES and require their suppliers to provide certificates of origin for the hides in addition to proof that they comply with international laws on the trade of endangered species (Convention of Washington). Ferrer guarantees the observance of environmental laws within the directives of CITES compliance (Convention on international trade in endangered species of wild flora and fauna).


Our foldable wooden packaging is patented and unique in the world. This eco-packaging doesn’t use fossil fuels in the production process, and so it reduces the environmental impact to a minimum. Their cardboard interior and wooden exterior box are fully recyclable and reusable, and its wood always comes from managed forests and plantations.


Our buckles and lugs have a stylish matte silver finish and are all made from stainless steel, color-matching most smartwatches including Apple Watch. 

All of our leathers meet the REACH regulation. 

Xtream Leather

Natural bovine skin that stands out for its great resistance, ideal for intensive use. High resistance to seawater, temperature changes, oil, sun, chlorine, alcohol. Anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-fungal treatment. Maximum tensile strength.

Top Nappa Leather

European bovine. Weatherproof, sea water-repellent, antibacterial, antimicrobial and mold-resistant with flex fastness resistance properties even at freezing temperatures. Alcohol-, chlore-, urine-, soil repellent, sweat resistant, easy to clean, light-fast, with high abrasion values, excellent ductility and tear strength properties.

Vintage Leather

Chrome-FREE! Vegetable-tanned leather with a retro look and velvety touch. 1,2-1,4mm, European bovine, smooth natural grain, retro finish, low flammability norms:

  • UNE EN 1021-1&2,
  • IMO MSC.61(67), code FTP, Annex 1, Part 8, Resolution A.652 (16),
  • Regulation nº118/2 for use in certain categories of motor vehicles.

Quality Control Tests

Before production begins, strap samples undergo a series of tests to check their resistance and quality.

TENSION AND TORSION: The tensile-resistance test is carried out by applying increasing tension on the straps until they break. The torsion test consists of subjecting the straps to torsion in order to test the consistency to flexibility ratio.

ABRASION: The abrasion-resistance test checks the resistance of the color of the leather to constant, continuous rubbing, at various levels of intensity.

SWEAT: The sweat-resistance test lasts seven days and is carried out by immersion of the straps in a chemical solution that replicates the characteristics of sweat at a specific pH.

HUMIDITY: This test simulates the combination of high humidity and high temperature and measures the strap's reaction to these conditions.

UV RAYS: The straps are subjected to 72 hours of UV rays reproduced in a laboratory that simulate 6 days of sunlight in the warmest hours of a summer's day. The straps are also exposed to artificial light to simulate their display in shop windows.

WATER-RESISTANCE TEST: This test serves to record water absorption and water-resistance levels. The strap is alternatively immersed in water and left to dry.

SALTWATER TEST: The straps are immersed in a liquid having the same composition as seawater. One day of testing corresponds to around 3 weeks of immersion in seawater so as to test the resistance, brilliance and non-deformability of the strap as well as the buckle's resistance to corrosion.

WEAR-RESISTANCE TEST: The wear-resistance test repeatedly simulates the action of putting the watch on the wrist so as to monitor the reactions of both the strap and the buckle.